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Natures Cup Tea

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  • Spices : NEW!   Spices are sold by the pound. Please contact us on 1-905-337-0629 or e-mail us:               a) Basil rubbed, b) Black Pepper-Whole-Organic,  c) Cardamom-Whole d) Cloves-Whole-Organic, e) Coriander Powder f) Curry Powder g) Ceylon Cinnamon-Sticks-Organic h) Ceylon Cinnamon-Ground-Organic i) Garlic Minced j) Garlic Salt k) Onion White-Powder l) Parsley m) Thyme.                                    
  • Herbs : NEW-Herbs are sold by the pound /454g. Please contact us on 1-905-337-0629 or e-mail us:    01-Dandelion Root-Natural-Organic 02-Dandelion Root-Roasted-Organic 03-Echinacea Purpuria-Organic 04-Mulberry Leaves-Organic 05-Marshmallow Root C/S-Organic 06-Pau D’arco Bark-C/S 07-Peppermint Leaf-Organic 08-Raspberry Leaf-Organic 09-Saw Palmetto Berries-C/S-Organic 10-Senna Leaf-Whole-Organic 11-Senna Leaf-Powder-Organic 12-Slippery Elm Bark Powder-Organic    
Welcome to Oplinc ~ Nature's Cup Tea

COVID 19- We at Nature’s Cup Tea, recognize that these are very unsettling times. We take great comfort in being able to continue to bring you our Organic Teas, Natural Teas and Herbs at “Affordable Prices”. With your strong support, we have been moving forward for the past nineteen years. 


Our wholesale customers along with the Health Food Stores, has requested us to supply them with Organic Spices. We are all in a “lockdown” mode and preparing more “HEALTHY” meals at home. It makes sense to be able add to supply you with quality spices too. 


We thank our trusted Suppliers for providing us products in a safe and friendly environment. We applaud Postal Services and all Courier Companies for supporting us in shipping them out to you. 


We will be there at this time of need to provide you best quality Tea, Herb and Spice products. Please see special shipping, payment and pick up arrangements below.


Do feel free to contact us at T: 1-905-337-0629 or should you need any assistance. Stay Safe and Strong! 

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So let's be honest with each other. You're probably here because you need a dependable quality tea supplier, and we're definitely here because we want you to buy your requirement of tea from us. 


We are an Importer and Wholesaler of Loose Leaf Tea to Canada. We specialize in Organic Teas, Premium Teas and Herbal teas. Our teas are directly imported from plantations in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. They are Single Estate teas. 


We have also added more Premium Loose leaf teas from India, Japan, China, South Africa and South America. We have the following range of new teas, Assam Tea, Chai Tea, Rooibos Tea, Honeybush Tea, Matcha Tea, Osmanthus Oolong, Wellness Tea, Ayurvadic Herbal Tea, Fruit Tisane, Chamomile and Hibiscus. The very latest teas are Organic Tei Kuan Yin - an Oolong and Organic Jasmin Pearls. You can also visit our Herbs and Spice sections from the drop-down menu. 



Web based E- Commerce tea supplied at very affordable prices. Most of our teas are organic certified. Some of our teas are from single estate plantations. They grow only in small quantities.
Tea is becoming more and more popular in Canada and North America. No matter how small or large your business, we are more than pleased to look into your own circumstances...
New Tea Shop
Planning of opening your own Tea Shop? It is about time you made it reality. After all, you would like your customers to have the very best - World's finest teas, Certified 100% Organic.
Coffee Shops & Cafes
If you are already selling Organic Coffee, why not diversify to Organic Tea and Premium tea? "Time changes and people change along with time." Tea has a more prominent place than before...
Catering & Special Offers
Bed and Breakfast establishments, Hotels, Guest Houses and Restaurants. Why not offer some organic tea to your customers? Try something different and beat competition!
Private Label
This is the fastest growing tea trend right now. Ever watch Dragon's Den or Shark Tank? All these Investors are clamoring to invest their hard earned wealth in the Tea Industry!...
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