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Pu'erh Tea Slab

Pu'erh Tea Slab
Pu'erh Tea Slab
Brand: China
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Pu'-erh Tea Slab. Pack CDN $ 5.00 


Product Description: This Pu'-erh tea is made to look like a chocolate slab. Pu'-erh tea is also known or called = "Aged Tea". This is ideal if you are a novice getting to know Pu'erh Tea. The quantity is small and this will help you to get started and get used to the taste of Pu'erh Tea. A pleasant taste. If you happen to see it sold as "Puerh-Cha" it refers to the same. The word "Cha" or "Chai" also refers to Tea, Tee, or The.  


Product Details: There is a lot of health benifits in drinking Pu'erh Tea. If you are new to Pu'erh Tea it is pronounced as "Poor". It will take you some time to get acquainted with the taste and flavor.   


Steeping Time: You can cut, scrape or break a small piece off this fascinating " Tea Slab". As it is aged tea, you can use boiling water. You can steep multiple times. 


Country of Origin: China.

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