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Gotukola Tea - Thé de Gotukola

Gotukola Tea - Thé de Gotukola
Brand: Jeevi Herbals
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Gotukola Tea - Thé de Gotukola. Packed 10 Tea bags, 20 g = CDN $3.75. 


Botanical Name: Indian Penny wort / Hydrocototyle Asitica 


Ingredients: Gotukola leaf with Sri Lanka green tea.  


Steeping Time: Use hot water for one tea bag. You can also have a 1st steep and a 2nd steep for a lighter cup. Also depends on your individual taste. 


General Information: Gotukola tea was traditionally used and recommended by the Ayurvedic physician for improving memory power, retard aging   (anti- aging) and catarrh. Also supports muscle and joint stiffness. 


In Sri Lanka, Gotukola is made as a salad. It is finely chopped and mixed with fresh scraped coconut, finely chopped onions, marinated with a little lime juice/ ( or in Canada with lemon juice) and a "pinch" or "dash" of sea salt. Almost generally every household used to have a " Gotukola Mallun", as the natives call it, for their midday meal. About thirty years ago it was more a "Poor man's salad". The Gotukola used to grow very well under the shade of Coconut trees. Now it is also offered in five star hotels as a Salad as well as "Kenda"/ Congee/ Porridge. 


I have seen Gotukola used in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Quite recently we saw also on Dr. Oz Show about GotuKola and its health benifits. Gotukola seems to be getting quite popular in USA and Canada too. In GTA ( = Greater Toronto Area), I have seen it in leading Supermarkets in Canada, Asian supermarkets and some stores and the Chinese stores. (rp). 


In one of Dr. Oz shows, he came up with this Gotukola as "Go-To-Cola".  Perhaps you might be able to whatch this on You Tube.






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