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Assorted or Mixed Pack - 10 ETB Pack

Assorted or Mixed Pack - 10 ETB Pack
Assorted or Mixed Pack - 10 ETB Pack
Brand: Natures Cup Tea
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Mixed Pack - 10 Pack: Organic


Product Description:  


  • Contains 02 Earl Grey, 02 English Breakfast, 03 Green Tea and 03 Orange Pekoe, Certified Organic. 
  • 10 Organic Assorted Enveloped, string and tag tea bags. 
  • Heat Sealed for Individual dispensing. 
  • Ideal for Gift Baskets, as Christmas Stocking Stuffers. 
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Homes or when traveling. 
  • Table Décor for weddings and functions.  


Steeping Time: For Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe, Use boiling water 210º F and steep for 3 to 5 min. It should be to your individual taste.  


Steeping Time: for Green Tea: 


Do not use Boiling water on any Green Tea! You boil the water and let it wait for about 1-2 minutes. This will let the temperature drop to about 185º F to 180º F. (Note: This may vary  according to the Green Tea that you are steeping). 


If you use boiling water on Green Tea you will burn and scale the delicate Green Tea leaves. The tea becomes bitter. Then you start complaining that you don't like Green Tea because it is bitter. It is not the fault of getting bad tea but you brewed it wrong. If you are new to tea drinking, it is best to start with a small quantity.


At Trade Shows, Community Events, Social Events and at our local Farmer's Markets we meet with our customers or "would be customers". When they sample our teas, they ask us, "How come your teas are so good?". "Well, we love tea and what we drink is what you get". Then while having a conversation with these folks, we realize the mistakes of how they brew the tea. The difference of quantity of tea to the quantity of water etc. By sharing information and knowledge we learn a lot from each other. 


General Information:  


  • Please see our Tea steeping chart on our website. (rp) 
  • We also have other varieties such as Green Tea, English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe in 25 and 50 Enveloped teabag packs. 


We offer Black Tea "Orange Pekoe" and Green Tea in 125 g Loose Leaf pack.  




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