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Green Tea China

Green Tea from China: a) Lung Ching, b) Mao Jian, c) Jasmin Pearl, d) Jasmin Green tea, Tei Quan Yin or Iron Goddess. 

Oolongs: Oolong, Osmanthus Oolong, Milkey Oolong, Jinseng Oolong.  

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Ginseng Oolong Tea
Ginseng Oolong. Packed in 50g - $5.50.    Product Description: Ginseng and..
Mao Jian Green Tea
Mao Jian Green Tea from China. 50g =$5.75   Mao Jian Green tea from China originally come..
Milk Frothier
Milk Frothier or mini Smoothie Mixer  Milk Frothier, Mini Blender.   Ideal t..
Tea Strainer with Lid
Tea Cup Strainer with Lid    Tea Strainer with Lid – Stainless Steel tea strainer id..
Tei Guan Yin
Tei Guan Yin. Packed in 50g pouch. $7.50        Product Description: ..
Lung Ching Dragon Well - Green Tea
  Lung Ching Dragon Well - Green Tea -      Product Description:&nbs..
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Jasmin Green Tea China
  Jasmin Green Tea from China.    Product Description:    Ja..
Jasmin Pearl Green Tea
Jasmin Pearl Green Tea    Product Description: Young Green tea leaves are scented wi..