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Orange Pekoe 10 ETB pack

Orange Pekoe 10 ETB pack
Brand: Natures Cup Tea
Product Code: Product 12
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Price: $2.00

Ceylon Tea Orange Pekoe 10 Pack: Organic. 


Product Description:  


a) Orange Pekoe tea from Ceylon, Certified Organic. 

b) Enveloped, String and tag tea bags. Heat Sealed.

c) Individual dispensing. Ideal for Gift Baskets, as Christmas Stocking Stuffer, for Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Homes or when traveling. 


Steeping Time: Use boiling water 210 F and steep for 3 to 5 min. It should be to your individual taste. 


General Information: 

We also have other varieties such as Earl Grey, Green Tea, and English Breakfast in 25 and 50 Enveloped teabag packs.  


We offer Black Tea Orange Pekoe and Green Tea in 125 g Loose Leaf pack.  

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