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White Tea Silver Needle

White Tea Silver Needle
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White Tea - Bai Hao Silver Needle. White Tea from China.  Pack 25g / 0.88 oz. CDN $8.00

Product Description: 


White tea is the finest tips from the tea plant. Purely made of "leaf shoots" or the "tender buds". These tender leaves are hand picked and withered. 


Steeping: Please do not use boiling water on white tea. Boil the water and wait for a little while to let the temperature drop. When steeped, the Silver Needle has a more softer and subtle flavor. 


There are different methods to brew the white tea Silver Needle. It is an expensive tea to play around with. We could suggest 160º - 170º F / 70 - 80º C and to have short infusions. The first steep 15 to 20 or to 30 seconds. Then use the same leaf for a second and third steep.


When we meet people at Trade Shows, Events or at Farmers markets, we try to share our knowledge with them. We met a person who said that he steeps his white tea for 7 minutes or more with boiling water. In our opinion this is a big no no! The white tea is the least processed tea leaf.


When we say processed, it is meant that it is "withered" or dried in the shade. Then comes the Oolongs, the Green Teas, the Black Teas and the Pu'erh teas. The purpose of drinking the white tea is to get its rich antioxidants. If you pour boiling water on a white tea you burn and scale the leaves. You will also destroy the antioxidants. You have to find a method that suits you most. For a white tea like Silver Needle you need a lot of TLC. (=Tender Loving Care).   


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: We are always willing to share our knowledge and passion for tea, with you.    


General Information: The Bai Mudan is also a White Tea. This tea is made from the above mentioned, fine tip and the first two leaves.


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