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Sencha Japanese Green Tea

Sencha Japanese Green Tea
Brand: Natures Cup Tea
Product Code: Product 69
Availability: In Stock
Price: $6.00

This Japanese Sencha Tea is Organic. Packed in 50 g / 1.76 oz and priced at CDN $ 6.00. 


Product Description: This organic Japanese Green Tea is very delicate. 


Steeping Time: One teaspoon to one cup or a Gaiwan, 158º - 176º F / 70º - 80º C temperature. Recommend short steeping times of 1 minute. You can try the same leaf for a second and third steep. Please try to use only what your require. It is best that you find out what is the best taste profile for you. Always remember not to use any boiling wate on White Teas, Green Tea and Oolong teas.   


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