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Green Tea Loose Leaf - GP1

Green Tea Loose Leaf - GP1
Brand: Natures Cup Tea
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Green Tea Loose Leaf - Gunpowder No: 1 - Organic. Packed in 75g = $7.00



Product Description: This Green Tea from Sri Lanka, is one of our finest teas. Organic Certified. Single Estate and High grown. 



Country of Origin: Sri Lanka. 



Steeping Time: Do not use Boiling water on any Green Tea! You boil the water and let it wait for about 1-2 minutes. This will let the temperature drop to about 185 Fº to 180 Fº. 


If you use boiling water on Green Tea you will burn and scale the delicate Green Tea. The tea becomes bitter. Then you start complaining that you don't like Green Tea because it is bitter. It is not the fault of getting bad tea but you brewed it wrong. 


Also try to make a small quantity of tea initially. The general rule is to use 1.5 to 2 tsp of tea leaves, (one and a half tea-spoons or two tsp) to a 5 - 6 ounce cup. In Canada and USA we have observed that the cup size is 6 to 8 ounces. (Steeping Tip: 1 tsp / 1 cup = 05 oz - 170 - 185 F / 77 - 83 C 2-3 min). Also note that loose leaf teas need room in the cup or in a small tea pot to open up. Another best option is to go for short steeps. Then move on to a second steep. 


General Information: Please sea our Tea Steeping chart on our website. It will be at the bottom of the "Home Page". Please scroll down. This chart is mostly for the "Tea Novice", in Canada and other parts of the world who are just venturing into tea. The water temperature for each category of tea varies. It will depend on the country of origin, variety of tea, how it was manufactured and several other factors. You will learn as you go along.    (rp)

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