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Mao Jian Green Tea

Mao Jian Green Tea
Mao Jian Green Tea
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Maojian Green Tea from China.


Maojian Green tea from China originally comes from Xinyang City in Henan, China. The word Moa-jian has the following  meaning. The words to depict the shape of the tea = “mao” means in Chinese “tiny fuzz" in cup when brewed, and “jian” refers to the shape of the leaves which is sharp full young leaves.


Appearance: They are also commonly known as “hairy tips”. This refers to the leaves slightly dark green color, straight and delicate edges and the thin wire like appearance.


Brewing / Steeping: 1 tsp / 1 cup – 170 – 185F°  / 77 – 83° C – steep 2 to 3 min depending on your personal taste.  



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