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English Breakfast 50 ETB Pack

English Breakfast 50 ETB Pack
Brand: Natures Cup Tea
Product Code: Product 3
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Price: $7.50

English Breakfast Tea 50 Pack. Organic. 


Product Description: 


  • English Breakfast Tea - Certified Organic. 
  • 50 Enveloped, string and tag tea bags. 
  • Heat Sealed. Individual dispensing. 
  • Ideal for Cafes, Restaurants and Homes. 

Brewing Instructions: Use boiling water 210 F and steep for 3 to 5 min. It should be to your individual taste.  


General Information:   


  • We also have other varieties such as Earl Grey, Green Tea and Orange Pekoe in 25 and 50 Enveloped teabag packs.  
  • We offer Black Tea Orange Pekoe and Green Tea in 125 g Loose Leaf pack. 





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