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White Tea Bai Mudan

White Tea Bai Mudan
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White Tea - Bai Mudan also means White Peony. Packed in 25g / 0.88 oz, cost CDN $ 5.50 


Product Description: Bai Mudan "Literally" means White Pheony. It is a white tea made with the tender "bud" or " tip" and the first two leaves. White tea drinkers sometimes prefer Bai Mu Dan for its fuller flavor and greater potency. Very rich in antioxidants.  



Steeping Time: Recommend 1.5 Teaspoons of leaves. 185° - 200° F / 85° - 90° C, steep 3 - 5 min + multi steep.  A lightly sweet and mellow taste. 



Country of Origin: China. 



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